Pepper Spray Intruder Buster

$149.95 $144.95

The Pepper Spray Intruder Buster is a tripline activated area-denial device that can be an effective addition to your property security. 

It’s best deployed outdoors, in particular where there’s a natural funneling of travel such as between buildings, hedges, etc.

  When triggered by the tripline, the device is activated and expels a cloud of O.C. (oleoresin capsicum, or “pepper spray”), providing a strong inspiration to the intruder to quickly flee the area.

It utilizes a proprietary O.C. fogger canister made specially for this device which provides superior effectiveness.

  Specs: 10% O.C., 2 million SHU, 1.33% Major Capsaicinoids, non-flammable.

The Pepper Spray Intruder Buster includes one O.C. (pepper spray) canister and one 75’ spool of Ballistic Trip Line.

Additional canisters are sold separately.

Also available is an Inert spray canister unit, which is recommended for training applications.

Made in USA.

Ships to the 48 contiguous states ONLY.

Ground Shipping ONLY.

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