Penlight Stun Gun

$52.95 $49.95

You want to carry protection, but don't want to be weighted down by a cumbersome stun weapon.

Good thing you found the Penlight Stun Gun, because the compact size and flashlight feature really work for you.

With a few shocking diodes around the top edge, these pens easily become the mightiest thing in the room with the push of a button.

Each stun gun pen is made from a durable aluminum housing, much like any industrial-strength flashlight.

The sides have texture for grip, and the button for controlling the shock feature or the LED light is found on the side.

This slim and compact flashlight has an extremely bright bulb that can last for a long, long time with care, and the diodes that deliver a shock are also made to last.

They have a low profile around the top to prevent them from snagging on the fabric of your pocket or bag.

Each pen light stun gun has a length of about 6.75 inches long, but only weighs 3 ounces.

It comes with it's own micro USB charging cable, and the side has a battery indicator to tell you how much juice it has.

With this discreet shocking weapon by your side as a trusty flashlight, you won't feel so alone as you walk through the streets or woods at night.

PenLight Stun Gun Highlights:

Durable Black Aluminum Housing

Unassuming Front Shocking Diodes

Textured Knurling for Secure Grip

Removeable Pocket Clip

Extremely Bright LED Flashlight

Discharges approx. 84,000,000 Volts

Blue Battery Indicator Lights

Length: 6 3/4" (approx.)

Diameter 7/8"(approx.)

Weight: 3 ounce (approx.)

Rechargeable with USB (cord included)

Excellent Patrol or Shop Light

Simple yet Effective Self-Defense Weapon

*Note: Please be aware that actual voltage output is difficult to measure and verify, but this stun gun light compares to other stun guns that claim to be 50 million or more volts.
We personally tested it and it is very powerful. It hurt.

Disclaimer: Stun guns and batons will get damaged if you consistently check the stun portion without making contact with anything (so in the open air).
It will burn out the diodes and will make the stun portion stop working over time.
We do recommend checking it once when you receive the self defense weapon to make sure it works properly, but checking it frequently and for over a second with no contact will cause it to break.
The diodes need a closed circuit to prevent them from burning out.