Paracord Rope- 500 Feet

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Featuring an abrasion-resistant 32-strand braided sheathing and 12-strand inner core.

Our parachute rope is rigorously tested and rated with a minimum breaking force of 1000 pounds, providing an additional 250 pounds of resistance compared to the standard 750-pound parachute rope.

Thickness of 4 mm.

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Versatile Usage Scenarios:

This rope owns highly flexibility and strong tensile strength, making it suitable for various purposes.

Great for tent ropes,
fixing RV awning, as well as using it around the house and garden like securing patio shades, hammocks, or string lights.

Also for heavy storage like car tires, kayaks and bicycles.

In emergencies, this paracord performs as a crucial safety rope or survival cord.

A must for fishing and a valuable outdoor tool for camping.

Essential for Indoor and Outdoor Use:

Our paracord is perfect for DIY crafting parachute bracelets, survival bracelet, dog collars, dog leashes, keychains, wrapping belts and various tools.

It can also serve as shoelaces, cloth line, swing rope , used as fishing lines, for sewing, perimeter marking, shelter, repairs, and setting up traps.

No Smell:

Our paracord rope is devoid of any chemical scent, ensuring it won't cause nasal irritation and can be used with confidence.

Each rope pack is professionally designed, travel essential equipment & gear for outdoor projects and activities like camping trip, hiking, boating, fishing, kayaking, and DIY crafting.

Lifetime Warranty:

Each thick parachute cord undergoes strict quality inspection to ensure superior craftsmanship.