Outdoor Survival Cookware Kit

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This Outdoor Survival Cookware Kit easily accommodates one person, and it comes in handy for anything from boiling water or heating up soup or beans to frying protein.

The kit includes an anodized-aluminum covered cooking pot and fry pan, as well as a wood spatula for stirring, a BPA-free soup ladle with a foldable handle, two BPA-free bowls, and a PE lightweight spoon.

Hard-Anodized Aluminum

Combining efficiency and strength, the cookware’s aluminum construction conducts heat quickly, while its hard-anodized surface provides enhanced durability that stands up to frequent use. Aluminum also offers a light weight, which makes the Outdoor Survival Cookware Kit comfortable to carry.

Foldable Handles

The Outdoor Survival Cookware Kit’s space-saving design features unique handles that fold away when not in use. Both the pot and the fry pan provide a pair of curved handles that wrap snug around either side, hugging the body of the vessel. When needed, the handles rotate out and join together to form a long easy-to-hold handle—there when you need them, out of the way when you don’t.

Easy to Clean and Store

Washing the Outdoor Survival Cookware Kit by hand is recommended to protect the hard-anodized surface. A cleaning sponge comes included.

For compact storage and easy portability, all pieces in the Outdoor Survival Cookware Kit  either nest or stack together and slip effortlessly into the included nylon travel bag, which can be tucked into a rucksack or hung on the outside of a backpack.

In the Box

1x anodized-aluminum cooking pot

1x anodized-aluminum cover

1x anodized-aluminum fry pan

1x wood spatula / turner

1x BPA-free soup ladle with foldable handle

2x BPA-free bowls

1x PE lightweight spoon

1x cleaning sponge

1x nylon travel bag

All together, the gray-colored cookware set measures 6.7 by 3.2 by 6.3 inches (LxWxH) and weighs less than a pound.