Outdoor Security Camera

$199.95 $139.95

Intruders beware, nothing escapes the lens of the BOLY Outdoor Security Camera with "no motion blur."

It has the speed, clarity, and range that business and homeowners need when it comes to surveillance.

Let’s start with its crisp 25MP photo resolution and 1080p video.

Combine that with a long-range sensor detection of 100 ft. and a 60 degrees field of view.

The Boly 25MP captures anything that’s foolish enough to come in its path.

Program it to activate when it detects any motion.

Or have it shoot at timed intervals.

The No Motion Blur technology and Dual Focus with Photo Burst ensure that no matter how fast an object moves, the image comes out sharp and clear.

Perfect for evidence in court.

Its discrete black styling and black infrared flash range of 90 ft. allows the camera to go undetected — while your subjects will not.

The BOLY Outdoor Security Camera can support up to 64GB SD/SDHC cards.

If you don’t want to download to your computer, you can view them on the built-in 2” color LCD display.

It’s also weatherproof and runs on AA batteries.

But you also have the option to run it with a DC adaptor (not included).

So set it up outside and let it do its job while you do yours.

With dual focus and no motion blur, it’s crystal clear why the BOLY

25MP Outdoor Security Camera is fast becoming a favorite of businesses and homeowners.


  • Perfect for property surveillance and security

  • Capture fast-moving objects with clarity
  • Shoot invisibly at night
  • Get super close or shoot up to 100’ away
  • View images right on the camera
  • Run it on AA batteries or a DC adapter (not included)
  • Let it run in all weather conditions
  • Shoot on a timer or with motion activation
  • Store up to 64GB SD of memory
  • Set it up in minutes

What's Included:

1 x BOLY 25MP Outdoor Security Camera
1 x USB Cable
1 x Belt
1 x User's Manual
1 x Antenna


Boly One Year Limited Warranty