Novelty Crime Scene Tape

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Perfect for Halloween decoration, themed parties or a well calculated practical joke.

It also works as a great distraction to throw off your "mark" if you're a spy.
Use your imagination.

The Length : 3 inch x 1000 feet
Bright Yellow, the warning tape has a striking black print, which can achieve high visibility, long-term tear-resistant design, weatherproof material.

Safety First - Plays a pivotal role in safety measures.
Most commonly used in road works, on-going constructions sites or against handling inoperative machinery or appliances with this roll of barricade tape.

Notable And Has High Visibility - The striking bright yellow color of the barricade tape makes a great contrast with the bold black text which makes it very noticeable when entering a hazardous area.

Weather Proof - Our barricade tape is made of weather poof material to hold up in wet and windy areas. Allows for quick and easy way to warn people of hazards or dangerous situations.

Tear Resistant - Tapix Crime Scene Do Not Cross Barricade tape is made of polyethylene which is very durable, perfect for dangerous areas. It unrolls quickly and easily tacks into posts or trees.

Tapix Brand is known worldwide with superior product

While this is sold for novelty use, it is made by the same company that produces high quality, weather resistant tape for emergency services, law enforcement, etc.   
All that being said; use your head and common sense when deploying this and do not break any laws or cause panic to someone.

You are responsible for how you use it.