Noise Maker Prank (3 Pack)

$27.95 $24.95

Sometimes a spy needs to get the guard out of the room...sometimes you just want to prank someone.

Either way, these gadgets have you covered!

Gag Gifts for Adults:

It Includes Multiple Sounds, Cricket Chirp, Beep & More, very suitable to prank friends, co-workers or partners. 

Long Lasting Battery:

Our noise maker prank won't die in a few days.

The battery can easily support it continuously run several months.

Easy to Hide:

This super small annoying beeping device can hide easily in most places.

It is light enough for tape or use a magnet to hold it.

Use them together or separately to drive them crazy.

Hard to Locate:

It's hard to pinpoint where the sound comes from, because of the Random Chirping intervals about 3-20 minutes, long before it runs out of power, your victim's sanity will fail.

So Sinister:

Just turn it on, pick one of the available noise options and hide it.

Best part is it will continue to sound off for what seems like forever, works great to lure someone into the next room.