Ninja Utility Belt- Black

$27.95 $24.95

You bought the ninja uniform, stealth weapons, and tripwire alarms.

Now they are all over the place and you can't remember where you put them.

Our Ninja Utility Belt can help you organize your weapons so you can carry them with ease!

This durable black nylon belt comes with five various sized pouches that you can fill with shuriken, poisons, powders, knives, spikes, caltrops, change, and even a photograph to help you identify your target.

There is an adjustable strap that fits up to a waist size 37.

The belt is attached by a nylon belt with plastic buckle and makes a great accessory with any of our Ninja Uniforms!

Organization of your weapons is a big key for a successful ninja mission.

With this weapon carrying pouch, you'll be organized and ready to be a stealthy, deadly, and prepared ninja.

Your enemies are already scared!

Ninja weapons and accessories not included.

Ninja Utility Belt Highlights:

Made from Black Durable Nylon
Adjustable Strap that Fits up to Waist size 37
Plastic Clip Buckle
Five Various Sized Pouches