Ninja Tabi Boots

$59.95 $49.95

These are made of top quality material made for wear and tear and not Halloween costume grade like some of the other products out there!

* Split toe design
* Rubber sole and velcro closure
* Black color
* Available in sizes 4-13

* Features rubber bottoms that provide better traction and silent movement
* Split-toe design improves grip
* Each boot features a velcro closure for easy adjustments and a comfortable fit
* Designed to be worn with Tabi socks (sold separately -One size fits all)

These Ninja Tabi boots features a split toe design that offer a better unique grip.

Rubber bottoms provide the boots with better traction and also keep each step virtually silent.

They use a velcro closure that runs the length of the booth for easy adjustments and a comfortable fit.

For a more comfortable fit, it's recommended the Tabi boots also be worn with the matching split-toe Tabi socks.

Please note that the boots run a half size large.

These shoes are in mens sizes. For a correct fit, women should order one size smaller. For instance, if you need a women's size seven shoe, you should order a men's size six.