Ninja Sword w/ Built In Blowgun

$159.95 $149.95

What do ninjas want for their birthday?

A dark sharpened sword with a blowgun attached to the scabbard.

No need to worry about long range targets when you've got the Stealth Blowgun Ninja Sword on your back!

This stealthy ninjutsu weapon is a combination that was match-made in ninja heaven.

The sword itself is a straight bladed katana with an all black wooden scabbard.

The thick carbon steel blade reaches about 27 inches long, and the entire item weights just over 3 pounds.

The handle guard is a squared black aluminum alloy that separates the sharpened steel blade from the all-black wrapped handle.

This black straight sword makes other stealth weapons look vibrant and colorful!

The blowgun shaft runs the whole length of the scabbard, which provides you with more control and accuracy when you are pushing darts out of it as hard as you can exhale.

The 12 darts included are just under 3 inches long, and are conveniently attached to the saya itself.

Lucky for you, and maybe unlucky for everyone else, the blowgun tube is detachable from the scabbard, so you can take the blowgun and darts solo.

But you wouldn't leave your black anodized ninja sword behind, would you!?

This ninjato is the perfect addition to your stealth warrior cosplay, or for keeping your lair safe from intruders!

The high quality scabbard and included sword bag will keep dust and sun from damaging your weapon during transport or storage.

And the unique blowgun feature will keep anything from damaging you, provided you don't shoot yourself in the foot!

Stealth Blowgun Ninja Sword Highlights:

Thick Carbon Steel with Black Finish

Sturdy Black Wooden Scabbard

Blade Length: 27 1/2" (approx.)

Handle Length: 11 3/4" (approx.)

Scabbard Length: 30" (approx.)

Blowgun Shaft Length: 29" (approx.)

Total Length: 41 1/2" (approx.)

Dart Length: 2 3/8" (approx.)

Sword Weight: 2 lb 10.5 oz.(approx.)

Total Weight: 3 lb. 6.5 oz. (approx.)

12 Blowgun Darts - Attached to Scabbard

Comfortable Black Cord Wrapped Handle

Blowgun Shaft and Darts are Removeable

Includes Black Sword Bag