Ninja Climbing Gear Set

$69.95 $59.95

When the ninja needed to climb the walls of a fortress or scale a high tree they called upon very specific tools.

These are those tools.

Specially designed grappling hook folds down for compact and easy carrying.

With a few twists the 4 carbon steel talons can be locked into position assuring a safe ascent.

Best yet, it is rated to over 800 pounds and comes with 33 ft. of tough braided nylon rope.

Traditional ninja claws are worn on the hands for climbing, ice walking, or self-defense.

Heavy duty construction.

Set of two.

Classic ninja favorite designed to be worn on the feet for climbing, scaling or self-defense.

Rugged construction.

Set of 2.

Stealth Black Grappling Hook, Carbon Steel And Foldable Hook For Easy Carrying w/33ft Rope

Set of Hand climbing Claw,

Foot climbing spike set

Easy To Assemble and Disassemble Hook And Claws With Straps

Adjustable for most size hands and feet.