Ninja Caltrops- Handmade- 50 Pack- Large

$89.95 $79.95

These are my Large caltrops.

They stand approximately 2 1/2" to 3" high and no matter how you throw them they always have 1 point facing up.

These are hand made out of welded heavy gauge steel wire.
These are great for use on your property and around your house to deter intruders.

They are perfect for putting under your windows to stop people looking in or entering your house.

They are great for protecting hunting camps and vacation properties from illegal poaching and trespassers and stop people from driving on your property.

I have green to blend in with grass and around bushes.

The black are for using on blacktop.

The gray blend in with concrete or dirt.

The oiled ones also blend in with dirt especially if you let them rust naturally and the white ones work in snow or white gravel or shells.

The painted ones are painted with multiple coats of metal enamel and the finish is baked on for toughness.

The oiled ones have a light coating of oil to help prevent rust which will have to be renewed occasionally.

You may also choose to let them rust naturally so they blend into the ground better.