Nickel Escape Saw

$34.95 $32.95

The Nickel Escape Saw is a covert high efficiency miniaturized saw developed for escape & evasion applications.

It utilizes the cutting edge technology of Escape Wire™, which is capable of cutting any material which is less hard than diamonds.

It is the ultimate in miniaturization and covertness, designed to remain “hidden in plain sight” – it’s concealed inside a nickel!

It’s actually a set of 2 nickels – one contains the blade secreted inside and both become the saw’s handles.

Watch the video below for deployment instructions.

The Nickel Escape Saw easily cuts through zip-ties, rope, wood, and plastic.

It can also cut the hardest of materials such as the case hardened shackle of a padlock, all it takes is persistence and replacement blades.

Includes one complete saw and one replacement blade; replacement blades are also available separately.

Weight: 0.29 oz. Blade length: 26”. Blade diameter: 0.09”.
Made in USA.

Click to watch video: