Mossad Invisible Ink Pen

$34.95 $27.95

The unique Mossad Pen is an amazing breakthrough in covert ink technology.

Its ink has the capability to quickly transform into a non-visible format.
Your confidential written documents can disappear for high-security storage or during clandestine transport.

Re-constructing the original material can also be accomplished quickly and easily whenever required.

To transform into the secured, non-visible format, just run a hot blow-dryer over the paper. It will seem to "vacuum" the ink right off the page!

Whenever you want the original writing to re-construct, just place the paper in your kitchen freezer and the ink will re-appear in its original form.
The transformation process is actually quite astonishing to observe.
The ink can be alternated back and forth between visible and non-visible formats as often as required.

The Mossad Pen allows you to attain a very high level of privacy and security for your confidential notes, writings, drawings, etc.
Even a law enforcement-level search is unlikely to divulge documents written with the Mossad Pen.
The possibility of interception is remote, and can be decreased even further by writing in places that wouldn't even be looked at (for example, on the back of printed sheets of paper).
For communications purposes, this pen could re-invent the old-fashioned "letter in the mail" as a secure, below-the-radar mode of sending sensitive information, one which is not subject to electronic interception.

The Mossad Pen utilizes the latest gel pen technology to provide smooth, quality writing performance.

It's designed to require very little downward pressure on the paper when writing, so telltale indentations on the paper can be avoided.

The ink color is black.

It features a quality ergonomic housing for comfort.

The writing tip is a popular 0.7mm fine point.

Note: this ink has been engineered to work on white paper only.

Refill cartridges are available.