Mini Storage Tube w/ Compass

$16.95 $14.95

As requested by our SPIE® Stick end users, we’re now carrying a low-visibility option for storing your Escape and Evasion tools.

The Sterile Storage Tube may look like a plain lip balm tube, but we’ve included our Mini GITD Compass installed in the lid to provide a seamless changeover when needed.

With the same dimensions as the standard SPIE® Stick, the Sterile Storage Tube has no branding or markings and comes in Black.

Each tube contains the same functionality as our original SPIE® Stick tube; to twist and rotate your tools up for deployment.

Sterile Option for Storing E&E Components

No Branding or Printing

Includes Mini GITD Compass Installed in Lid

Can be used for passing notes, dead drops, creating your own micro Escape and Evasion Kit using the many micro tools found on our website

Measures 2.625” Long x .625” Wide

Weighs: .1 oz