Mini Smoke Machine Fogger

$99.95 $89.95

Many uses such as a diversion to get the drop on your enemy or conceal a quick escape.

If you are doing any Houdini escape routines this adds a touch of class.

As a practical joke or Halloween effect, you decide.

This mini fog machine is the most affordable solution for on-hand smoke production.

Compact design for easy carrying, it can produce
a vast amount of non-toxic fog at the press of a remote controller and WITHOUT any heat-up time, and the pocket-sized dimensions
makes it ideal for use in situations where space is limited.

Easy to add smog oil.

You are able to control the volume of smoke by press the up and down button of the remote controller.

Package Includes:

1 X fog machine

1 X remote control

1 X usb charging cable

1 X nozzle

1 X opening pick

1 X liquid bottle

1 X 0.8 meter tube

Be sure to order the replacement fog liquid here:

  Do not use just any fog liquid.

Be sure it is the correct kind (listed above) or it can damage the machine.