Mini Escape Stick

$27.95 $24.95

The Mini Escape Stick is the most versatile and effective miniature escape tool ever offered.

It enables escape from most any type of restraint — handcuffs (including double-locking), zip-ties, duct tape, rope, packing tape, cords, etc.

Components include a rod saw which can cut metal, plastic, wood, and fibrous materials, a handcuff key integrated onto the rod saw which utilizes the saw as its handle, and a toothed saw which also functions as a shim pick for releasing zip-ties.

All the components are contained inside of a special rubber sheathing which conceals all the components from view, yet allows easy access in just seconds.

The innovative low-profile design of the Mini Escape Stick enables it to be miniature and covert.

Its tiny size (just 3" length x 0.37" diameter and weighing 0.15 oz) allows for many concealment options, including in our Escape Travel Belt.

It's a potentially lifesaving tool for undercover operatives, civilians traveling in hostile regions, or anyone whose survival may depend on quickly escaping unlawful captivity.


Made in USA.