Mini Escape Stick

$29.95 $27.95

The Mini Escape Stick is a unique new miniature escape tool.

This versatile tool facilitates escape from restraints — handcuffs, packing tape, rope, cords, etc.

It features a diamond rod saw, which can cut metal, plastic, wood, and fibrous materials.

A handcuff key is integrated onto the end of the saw, utilizing the saw as its handle.

The flag of the handcuff key can be inserted into the housing and rotated to lock the saw into the housing to function as the saw’s handle.

The tools are secreted inside of the plastic housing, yet are easily accessible.

The innovative low-profile design of the Mini Escape Stick provides for many covert carry/concealment options.

And it’s tiny — just 3” in length, 0.31” diameter, and weighs just 0.15 oz.

It’s a potentially lifesaving tool for undercover operatives, prepared civilians traveling in hostile regions, or anyone whose survival may depend on quickly escaping unlawful custody.

Made in USA.