Micro Stick Voice Activated Audio Recorder

$209.95 $179.95

The same length as a large paperclip.

Records when it hears sound, up to 50 feet away.

12-hour rechargeable battery is built-in.

An extended battery that lasts 5 days is included.

Leave it out, put it under a car seat, or in your pocket.

Listen & recharge by connecting it to any computer.

The Tiniest Audio Recorder Available.

You’re going to love the Micro Stick audio recorder.

That’s because it’s as small as paperclip, weighs almost nothing and has an impressive battery life.

The voice activated recording feature is extremely helpful for recording conversations.

This audio recorder is great for pretty much any type of conversation you’re needing to tape.

It works great as room recorder, because the microphone gets a clear sound from up to 50 feet away - that’s better than any other recorder we’ve been able to find.

Put it inside your pocket or purse, because the microphone can hear just fine through most fabrics.

If you don’t have something to put it inside, use a piece of Velcro to stick it underneath a chair or table.

Records Only When It Hears Voices

Set the device where you want it, and then forget it.

It'll turn on the next time it hears sound thanks to it’s voice-activation feature.

When the sound stops, the Micro Stick goes into a sleep mode to save battery life.

Voice activation helps you in 3 different ways.

You save a time because it doesn’t record unwanted silence, & your battery life is longer.

You also won’t need to worry about making sure if the recorder is on.

That way, if someone surprises you with a conversation you weren’t ready for, it’ll capture it.

The sound quality is exactly what you want - it’s clear with no noise whatsoever.

Anyone listening to your recordings will feel like they were there because of how high quality the sound is.