Men's Dress Watch Hidden Spy Camera- 1080P

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This Classy Gentleman’s watch is an elegant time piece and also an effective surveillance tool capable of capturing, video, audio and pictures all in one.

This camera is the perfect body worn tool for capturing up close and personal surveillance while maintaining total discretion.

There are no recording lights or visible pinholes to compromise this camera.

The camera comes with a 8GB internal drive, allowing up to 5 hours of video and audio recordings.

1920×1080p Full HD Resolution@ 30FPS

Subjects and details will always be clear and pristine with the HD resolution this camera provides

Motion Detection Recording Mode

Various recording settings. Allows for Pictures, Audio, Motion Detection and Continuous modes.

Extremely Covert.

Take this watch anywhere and capture 1080p video and audio. 

90 minutes of operation on a single charge

Packed into the tiny housing of this watch is a battery capable of storing 90 minutes’ worth of operational battery time.

Functional Watch and Simple to Use.

With a push of a few buttons capture video and audio.

Clock has a separate battery.

If you run out of battery from recording you still will have a functional and usable watch, which also helps keep this camera covert


Men's Dress Watch Spy Camera

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