Magnetic Fishing Kit

$99.95 $72.95

    You're All Set -

So now grab your keys, wallet and cellphone and head out to enjoy an amazing fishing trip.

You’ve got a top-quality magnet and a strong grappling hook to pull bigger items!

    Choose Just The Right Strength -

Too much strength will leave you struggling to release your magnet from your finds.

As for weak, well nobody likes weak.

2 Fishing Magnets 500 lb, one on each side!

    Enjoy Reliable Quality -

Hanging out by the ocean pier, lake dock, bridge or slow waters to find cool objects should be all that is on your mind.

Let us worry about the rest.

    Feel Safe While Having Fun -

So that you can find those treasures!

Have our gloves help you hold on tight those wet slippery items and protect your hands from rusty surfaces.

    Just The Right Amount Of "Powerful" -

Our nickel-coated double sided magnet will effortlessly attract lost treasures waiting for you beneath the water