Lockpicking- Rescue Jim

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This is our medium-sized breaching tool for *loiding doors and latches.

It is designed with first responders in mind, who are likely to employ it in situations where stealth isn't required but rather where they may need slightly more leverage and dexterity while wearing heavy gloves or other gear.


The handle of this tool now comes wrapped with Neon Yellow 550 paracord.

The wrapping technique shown in these images involves a four foot long segment of cord which can be modified or removed.

*Loiding (or carding) is a bypass technique that uses a flat object to retract inward-opening spring-supported latches.

The flat object, referred to as a shim or 'loid, is slid between the latch and strike plate and used to push back (i.e. retract) the latch.

Some modern spring-latch doors use a deadlatch or dead locking plunger to prevent loiding.

Loiding may also be referred to as 'slipping' or shimming, though that is a more generic technique used to open various types of locking mechanisms.

The term loiding comes from celluloid, used for early photographic and cinematic film, strips or sheets of which were cut to size and used for entry.

It became known amongst many British criminals as a loid.

Loiding is generally a surreptitious attack.