Lockpicking- Covert Tubular Lock Pick

$89.95 $79.95

Tubular locks are widely (and incorrectly) thought to be a high security alternative to the standard pin tumbler design.

  As such, they are often relied upon in high risk security devices, like bike locks, gun locks, safes, display locks, and vending machines.

  Unfortunately, the majority of these locks contain a design flaw that allows them to be opened in seconds with a specialized tubular pick like this one.

Our Covert Tubular Pick is an improvement on what was already one of the highest quality and most versatile tubular picks made.

  It’s adjustable tension head is configurable for both the standard 7-pin tubular lock and the less common 8-pin variant.

  It will also accommodate locks without tensioning notches, and with offset tensioning notches.

  In addition, the Covert Tubular Pick sets itself apart from larger models that do not fit well in EDC (every day carry) bags and have “fingers” that stick out and snag on material and cases.

This model is easy to carry and highly concealable, making it the choice of professionals, spies and hobbyists.