Lockpicking- Clear Acrylic Practice Lock

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If you want to see all the movement of the pins and springs a clear Acrylic shell is the only way.

This is a polished molded shell featuring pins and springs designed specifically for this lock.

The result is a very clear view, comfortably hold and realistic lock picking action.

Available with either standard or 2 types of High Security pins.

That is the most important part of this lock - the action and feedback is very similar to that of a real lock.

Other great feature if you are a lock picking instructor this lock can be used by both left and right handed students.

Finally the visual aspect of a clear lock makes it easier to see the pins.

Even with a cutaway window looking at small brass pins in a brass frame can be difficult for some.

The one question that we get is what is the difference between a Clear Acrylic practice lock and a Brass cut away?

A brass cutaway has a bit of a different feedback.

With the brass pins on a brass shell the feedback that you feel in both the pick and in your fingers holding the shell is sharper.

The clicks from picking are also a bit more natural to that of real lock.

These differences are minor but as you gain experience you would notice them.


Standard Pins - As the name suggests these are normal tube pins and this is where you want to start if you are new to lock picking.

Spool Pins - Shaped like roman columns these high security pins with shift and bind in the lock - get ready to learn what a false set is.

Serrated pins - The worst of the batch and the hardest of these locks to pick. Serrated pins constantly catch the sheer line binding and stopping your progress.