Lockpicking- Bypass Band Shove Knife Bracelet

$32.95 $29.95

This is a unique and very cool item, available in limited quantity as part of a deal we made with Dark Arts Lockpicking out of Australia.

  This item is one that they produce and sell in limited special runs and we knew that we wanted to bring it to the North American market.
Each of these gorgeous wrist bands are actually hand-made shove-knives for door bypassing, produced with an amazing hammered finish and suitable for being worn in either casual or upscale settings.

  They are made of light steel, which -- while not flexible -- is capable of being gently opened up or bent into a ring shape simply by hand... much like many wrist accessories that are exclusively fashion-based and not capable of opening doors, hah.

Always have one more option up your sleeve with a tool that goes unnoticed while simultaneously standing out and shining bright.

  The Bypass Band is one of the coolest things we carry.

  We can't guarantee that they'll always be in stock, but we'll keep re-upping batches of them whenever possible.