Lockpicking- Grand Master Car Opening Tool Kit

$499.95 $399.95

The Grand Master Z-Tool System features only the highest quality vehicle unlock tools available.

All of our vehicle lockout tools are damage-free and can unlock a wide range of vehicle models with very little training.

The Grand Master Z-Tool system features a selection of versatile vehicle unlock tools to help you get the job done, without requiring 40-50 tools often found in similar locksmith kits.

Our vehicle lockout tools are made of superior custom-made stainless steel rods with the high tensile strength to ensure the absolute highest quality.

Our primary goal is to manufacture and supply professional lockout technicians with an affordable, compact, up-to-date tooling system.

The famous Grand Master Z-Tool System includes the lockout tools you need to get the job done:

2023, 34th Edition Z-Tool System Manual
The Famous Z-Tool
Inverted Z-Tool
Vertical Z-Tool
Frameless Extension Kit
Flush Mount Tool
Black Extension Tip
Blue Extension Tip
5” Extension
Red Handle w/ Coupler
Mercedes Strip
Flex-a-Wedge (3/pk)
Japanese Tool
Serpent Tool
Air Wedge
AutoBuster III Tool
AutoBuster Mini Tool
Canvas Carrying Case
Assorted Tips
Damage Release Forms