Lock Zapper (10 Pack)

$16.95 $14.95

The Lock Zapper is an innovative new access denial device which prevents the use of a key to unlock a door.

It features reversibility (it can be removed after deployment without damage to the lock), compatibility with both Schlage and Kwikset style keyways (over 90% of door locks in the US), and low cost.

When inserted into the lock’s keyway, it can not be readily removed except with the included removal tool.

It does not prevent the door from being opened from the inside, so nobody can be accidentally locked in.

It also provides a non-reversible option that can permanently disable the lock, simply by cutting off the protruding portion after inserting it into the keyway.

The Lock Zapper has many useful applications.

Law enforcement can quickly ensure that searched rooms remain “cleared” until released.

Property managers can deny entrance to already evicted tenants until the locks can be changed.

An essential item in any Covert Ops tool bag.

Potential domestic violence victims can disable keys until law enforcement arrives.

Lost or stolen house keys can be protected against until the key is found or the locks replaced.

Can also be used inside your house to deny access to certain rooms.

Made in USA.

Color: Black.

Each pack contains 10 sets.