Light Up Deluxe LED Escrima Stick

$139.95 $134.95

Behold! Straight from the ninja forges!
           The Light Up Deluxe LED Escrima Stick (1 stick) 

We start with the polycarbonate tubes you know and love, which are transparent and allow for the light from the LED modules to shine through, giving your kali stick a hearty glow.

You even get to choose the color when you order your escrima stick among a sextet of options: blue, fuchsia, green, red, white, or yellow.

In addition to the transparent polycarbonate, we also use a durable aluminum alloy for the tip and for the part where your hand goes.

As a metal, aluminum is shiny, which is always a plus with glowing weapons.

The luxurious look goes great with any glowing weapon.

Like all of the escrima made in the ninja forges, the glow-in-the-dark escrima stick is 26" long.

This one weighs a little over a pound, which means that it won't be too heavy to carry around your neighborhood during Halloween or the convention hall that you've so wisely decided to attend wearing a martial arts costume.

The escrima stock  comes with a set of three AAA batteries that will last a long time, but it doesn't hurt to carry around extra batteries if you think you'll be out long.

And yes, these are strong enough to handle some brutal abuse.

So what are you waiting for?

Order a Deluxe LED Escrima Stick and get your glowstick on.

Order two and you can double fist it or spar with a friend.
Virtually Indestructible PolyCarbonate and Aluminum Tubes

Comes in Blue, Fuchsia, Green, Red, White, and Yellow

Approximate Length: 26"

Handle Diameter: 1.25"

Weighs approximately 18 oz

Includes 3 AAA batteries that last 7 to 10 hours

Remove caps to replace batteries

Sold Individually

Made in the United States