Lock Picking School

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You can't be a Spy or an Escape Artist if you don't know how to pick locks.

This is the complete system kit for learning the art of picking pin tumbler locks. It consists of a table-top “door” practice stand with five interchangeable brass pin tumbler lock cylinders. Each lock has 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 pins and is numbered 1 through 5. Included are all necessary tools and fittings and a learning guide.

The progressive learning system utilized is based on positive reinforcement of learned skills as one progresses rapidly from picking a 1 pin lock up to a standard 5 pin lock. It’s a unique and ideal system for learning basic lock-picking skills as well as being a great testing ground for new picks and methods.

Always use your skills for good, not evil.

(in other words, you are responsible for using lawfully)

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