Lapel Knife- Titanium

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This is a modernized version of the classic OSS Lapel Knife that was issued to clandestine operatives in WW2.

With enhanced ergonomics and ultra-light titanium construction, the Lapel Knife is a capable and concealable backup blade. 


  • Titanium/Ceramic composite for enhanced edge retention 

  • Non-slip grip and blade profile to maximize performance 

  • 3.375"L x 0.75"H x 0.05"W; 1.875" cutting edge 

  • Weighs 4 grams - 1 gram less then a nickel 

  • Made in Japan

    As a knife nerd who also loves spy gadgets, I have always admired the concept of the OSS Lapel Knife.

    After all, what's not to like about a super concealable knife designed specifically for gashing Gestapo agents?

    However, the original Lapel Knives were not ideal.

    They lacked a secure grip, they were made of fairly thick steel, and they required a custom leather sheath to be sewn into the collar.

    I designed the Lapel Knife to create a more practical and effective Lapel Knife for the modern user in harm's way.

    The first issue was ergonomics:

    How to create a tiny knife that's still secure in the hand so you don't cut the shit out of yourself using the thing.

    This was solved through the hemispherical cutout in the grip, which locks the knife into the hand and prevents your finger from sliding onto the edge.

    Another benefit of this grip is that it causes the edge to project forward like a claw.

    The next issue was materials.

    Steel is heavy and magnetic, and ceramic is too delicate for a knife this small.

    That left Titanium, which is strong, light, and non-magnetic.

    However, normal Titanium is too soft for use in knives.

    Because I wanted the Lapel Knife to be able to perform as both a mini survival knife and as an escape tool, poor edge retention was not an option.

    Luckily, I found a company in Japan that has developed a special Titanium/Ceramic composite that offers most of the edge retention of a ceramic blade, while keeping the strength of titanium.

    Due to the titanium construction, the Lapel Knife only weighs 4 grams.

    Not only does this reduce the metallic signature, but it also allows the knife to be carried in an unconventional manner.

    Rather then rely on a sheath, which would add bulk and reduce carry options, the Lapel Knife uses "glue dots" that attach the knife directly to the lapel

    The glue dots hold the Lapel Knife very securely, but a quick tug of the handle will free the knife from the collar.

    While it's called a Lapel Knife, you can actually stick the knife pretty much anywhere.

    Because the Lapel Knife is only 1.3mm thick, it can also be stuck to the back of credit card and carried in a wallet.

    The Lapel Knife is also thin enough that it can be hidden inside of a smartphone case.

    And it also fits perfectly within an Altoids tin survival kit.

    The blade profile of the Lapel Knife maximizes cutting performance.

    Due to the straight edge, it exerts tremendous pressure at the tip of the blade, ensuring a deep cut every time.

    Overall, the Lapel Knife proves the adage that "Good things come in small packages."

    It can be concealed in a variety of ways, and provides serious cutting performance in an emergency.

    Each Lapel Knife comes with a blank credit card for wallet carry, along with 12 glue dots