Kevlar Reinforced Boot Laces / Shoelaces - 2 Pair Pack

$27.95 $24.95

This tough design is built right in.

The larger diameter allows for an extremely tight tie but will not pinch the instep.

The weave design and Kevlar stitching keeps the laces tied better than older laces.

Today’s Kevlar reinforced laces are suitable for all footwear.

These laces are truly high quality “Made in the USA” laces designed and manufactured from USA yarns with USA labor.

Available in black that will not fade when washed, nor bleed on your shoes or boots.

Engineered to remain tied but will always untie when pulled.

Proper length is critical.

No shoelace will last long or remain tied for long if stepped on all day.

The best way to get the proper length is to remove the old laces and measure your current laces from tip to tip without stretch.

Kevlar reinforced laces are the perfect replacement laces for all working shoes or boots.

Can be used to escape from zip ties using the "Bicycle Technique" as described in USB- Survival Escape & Evasion (click to see).