Kevlar Arm Sleeves

$37.95 $34.95

    Made of Kevlar

        EN 388 Level 5 Cut Resistant Sleeve:

Uses the same safety material as bulletproof clothing.

After completed seamless weaving, we deliberately added glass fibers which are good at cut-proof properties to increase its cut-stab-proof performance.

These arm sleeves have been professionally tested and certified by EN 388 level 5 (equivalent to ANSI A6).

    Double-Ply Protection:

Offers extra layer of protection, knitted, seamless, and construction conforms to the arm for a snug fit.

18" long and flexibility size

    Stretch Fabric with Thumb Slot Design:

Secures their position on the arm of the wearer, making sure that they don't ride up and expose the forearm between the glove and sleeve.

    Wide Applications:

 It helps prevent scrapes and dog cat scratches, cut resistant protection, abrasion resistant, anti-slash, skin Irritations, and Heat Resistant.

    Highly Flexible, Soft and Lightweight:

Our cut resistant sleeves are lightweight, flexible, not too hard, no sliding.

The special high elastic nylon is blended to make the gloves fit your hand so well.