iPhone Recovery Stick

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If you’ve ever wanted to look at the information on someone’s iPhone, this is the device for you.

The Paraben iPhone iRecovery Stick lets you download all of the deleted data from someone’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

If you suspect that someone you know is doing something inappropriate on their phone, you can see what they’re up to without drawing attention to yourself.

The Paraben iPhone iRecovery Stick lets you access a person’s deleted emails, text messages, photos, and voicemails.

It also recovers any deleted messages on social media including:

Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

If one of your loved ones has been contacting someone or posting something that they shouldn’t, the Paraben iPhone iRecovery Stick will help you find out what’s going on.

Using the device doesn’t take a lot of technical knowhow.

Just connect the person’s iPhone to your computer.

Then, plug the Paraben iPhone iRecovery Stick into the USB slot, and you’re ready to start downloading.

You’ll have all of the information you need in just a few minutes.

The device even comes with software that organizes all of the data into an easy-to-read report.

You can quickly skim the information to find out if there’s anything unusual on the person’s phone.

It also lists the time and date of each message.

If you find something inappropriate, you’ll know exactly when the interaction took place.

If you decide to look at the data on someone’s iPhone, you don’t have to worry about getting caught.

The Paraben iPhone iRecovery Stick doesn’t leave a trace.

Just put the iPhone back where you found it and the person will have no idea that you’ve been looking at their deleted messages.

Easy to use and discreet, this handy device helps you stay on top of what your loved ones are doing online.

Get access to need-to-know information with the Paraben iPhone iRecovery Stick.


Perfect for: Parents, Employers, Spouses
Recovers Twitter, Chrome, Voicemail and Facebook Messenger
Recovers Deleted Data
For use with Monitoring iPhones
Completely Covert
Compiles Data into One Report
Quick and Effective
Lists time and date

What's Included:

1x iPhone Spy Data Recovery Stick
1x Manual

90 Day Manufacturer Limited Warranty