Human Silhouette X-Ray Targets (50 Pack)

$42.50 $39.95

Large Shooting Targets 25 x 38:

These large range targets allow you to practice with a human-sized target that works well for range practice in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Human Silhouette Targets:

These targets feature 2 silhouette styles; one is a frontal view of a human torso; the other style features a silhouette of a man at a slight angle and extending his arms.

Improve Your Accuracy:

Each of these gun range targets measures 25 x 38 inches, which presents a human-sized target for close-range target practice or long-range firing.

Perfect for knife throwing or archery as well.


These paper targets for shooting range use are made of 80gsm paper; the printed silhouette graphic is very easy to see, providing excellent visibility at longer ranges.

Package Contents:

You will receive 50 silhouette gun range targets, with 25 of each of the 2 designs, rolled in shrink-wrap packaging with a total weight of 3.1 pounds.