Hidden Spy Camera Lighter

$129.95 $99.95

Even though it looks just like a regular cigarette lighter, this device is actually a Hidden Spy Camera Lighter with a built-in mini DVR!
This Hidden Spy Camera Lighter is incredibly easy operate, as there is a single button for everything.

Photos and videos are stored on a micro SD card (not included), and you can transfer them easily to a computer with the USB end of the device.
When you consider everything, this is one of the best ways to record something without being noticed!

Video formats: AVI

Video encoder: M-JPEG

Video Solution: 1920**1080

Video frame: 30fps

Playback device: Operating system or bring mainstream audio and video playback device

System: Windows me/2000 xp 2003/vista:M

Battery capability: 300mAh

Fee voltage: DC-5V

Interface: MINI 5pin USB

Storage: Micro SD card

Battery: Polymer lithium battery