Hidden Lip Stick Knife- Blue

$19.95 $16.95

Looking sharp!

 This hidden knife is the last word in self-defense.

What might look like common applicator is actually a weapon perfect for warding off attackers and would-be night gropers.

All it takes is a quick twist of the lipstick base to bring the one inch hawk-bill blade into the spotlight.

We have found that the best way to bring this lipstick knife out is to tell an assailant that you need to put on (or reapply) your lipstick.

Pull out your inconspicuous blue lipstick and ka-pow!

Never feel vulnerable again with the latest cosmetics-themed weapon.

Blue Hidden Blade Lipstick Knife Highlights:

Length: 2.75" overall
1" hawkbill blade
Blue injection-molded cap and handle
Weight: 1/2 oz

Great for self-defense