Hidden Kubotan Knives

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You don't always have to come out swinging with sharpened blades.

That should be a last resort, or so we're told.

Mixing a lethal and non-lethal weapon into one item is ideal, since you can decide in a moment which is going to make the most sense.

With the covert Hidden Kubotan Knives you can change from impact weapon to daggers in a flash, giving you options on staying safe.

The history of kubotans starts with a gentleman in Japan and was subsequently named after him.

His invention was designed to provide a self-defense tool that could be easily carried on a keyring or necklace and used by those with little to no training.

The design has evolved over the years, with spikes being added, different grip patters, keyrings or not, but the results are the same.

People, especially women, have used these pressure point weapons to save themselves from a harmful attacker.

Reaching about 7.5 inches long, this sturdy kubotan is a flat edged cylinder that is crafted of durable ABS plastic.

The shaft has rings molded into the sides to create a grip all over, helping the weapon stay in your hand during use.

This kubotan is unlike others, in that the stick detaches at the center to create two handles, revealing a spear point blade on each end.

Crafted of 3Cr13 stainless steel, these tough spiked blades are sharp and reach about 2 3/4-inches long.

These hidden blades are anodized blade to remain stealthy, and have vented holes to reduce their weight.

Should you be using the kubotan and the pressure point hits just aren't working, then you'll have a fine edge blade to really get the point across.

No attacker in their right mind would stick around to see what else this combo kubotan can offer.

Weighing only 1.6 ounces, this concealed weapon can be easily stored almost anywhere, and carried with you without a fuss.

The black woven sheath velcros around this impact weapon to secure it in place, and offers a belt loop for you to fasten it to your side.

Without revealing too much, you have the power to make a decision for your personal protection.

Keeping a hidden blade around is not difficult, since it blends in with everyday objects, but because you know it is there, you may breath easier as you go about your business.

Hidden Knives Kubotan Highlights:

3CR13 Stainless Steel

Black Anodized Vented Blades

Black ABS Shaft/Handles

Blade Length: 2 3/4" (approx.)

Knife Length: 6.5" (approx.)

Total Length: 7.5" (approx.)

Knife Weight: 0.8oz (approx.)

Total Weight: 1.6oz (approx.)

Black Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop

Extremely Lightweight and Portable

Blends in with Everyday Objects