Hidden Cigarette Knife

$17.95 $14.95

They say cigarettes are deadly.
With the Hidden Cigarette Knife, you can make that deadliness quick and efficient.
This hidden knife looks like a metallic cigarette but secretly holds a 1 inch stainless steel blade inside.
Wait a minute, you might say, how can this imitation cigarette fool anyone?
People don't smoke metal cigarettes!
This is true, dear customer, but remember that we are living in a brave new world with electronic cigarettes.
You could fool those around you into thinking you have an e-cigarette, when what you really have is a fake e-cigarette weapon.

Hide the fake cig in your purse or pocket for just those times when self-defense is most necessary.

This hidden blade cigarette knife measures 3.25" and is made of a lightweight aluminum.
When pulled apart, the small blade can be used to stab your assailant.
You can wound them to give yourself a chance to run away.

Don't give in to peer pressure and smoke.
Instead, buy a hidden cigarette pen knife so you can protect yourself and deal some damage.

Hidden Cigarette Knife Highlights:

  • Length: 3.25" (approximately)
  • Diameter: .25" (approximately)
  • 1" Stainless Steel Blade
  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • Great for self-defense.
  • Sold Individually