Hidden Camera Finder

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Product overview:

Finds all hidden cameras

Perfect for Airbnbs, hotels, restrooms, etc.

Incredibly easy to use

Comes with practice camera lens

"They were settling into their Airbnb.
Then they found a hidden camera.
1,600 Motel Guests Were Secretly Streamed Live in South Korea
Airbnb Has a Hidden Camera Problem"

"Police say it can happen to any of us - you go on vacation, you rent an Airbnb, maybe you stay in a hotel room... and someone is spying on you, watching your private moments on hidden cameras - even in the bedroom."

"The Barker family was settling into their Airbnb in Cork, Ireland, another stop on their 14-month trek around Europe, when they discovered something disturbing. On the ceiling in the living room, hidden inside a detector, was a camera."

"Tiny cameras with one-millimeter lenses were hidden in hair dryer holders, satellite boxes and closed electrical sockets, the police said. More than 800 intimate videos were then shown on a website that charged some viewers for a monthly subscription."

"Two small, black, rectangular boxes were stacked next to an outlet on the far side of the guest room, both facing the bed. From afar, they looked like phone chargers. But when I got closer, I realized they were cameras."

In a survey of 2,000 Airbnb guests, 58% said they were worried about hidden cameras in their rental.

 Hidden Cameras are a real problem.
The New York Times, Washington Post, and BBC have all covered the problem extensively - any hotel, Airbnb, or restroom could have spy cameras installed without your knowledge.

Our detector uses high-powered LEDs that reflect off camera lenses. Doesn't matter if it's a CCTV camera, your iPhone, or a spy camera -
This finds it.

Just look through the aperture and you'll see a pinpoint of bright red light if it detects a camera.

How to use:

1. Stand 5-15 feet directly in front of the item you think may be concealing a hidden camera.

2. With the LEDs pointing away from you, hold Scout up against your eye so you can look through the aperture.

3. Use the button on Scout to turn the LEDs on.

There are two settings - solid and flashing.
Most people prefer the flashing option.

4. Look through the aperture of Scout towards the suspected hidden camera.

If you see a red pinpoint of light shining back at you, you may have found a hidden camera.