Head Mounted WiFi Vlog Camera - 4K Ultra HD

$299.95 $269.95

Ultra HD 4K Video with Audio

#1 Rated Tool for VLog and Investigations 

Wide 120º Angle Lens
Noise and Wind Canceling Technology

Up to 5 Hour Battery Life

Works While Being Charged

Stores 40 Hours on 512 GB

MicroSD Card Slot︱Up to 512GB

5G WiFi for Live View, Downloading, Sharing

Easy One Button Operation

Advanced Anti Shake Video Stabilization 

IP22-33︱Weather & Sweat Proof Durable
Easy Sharing to Most Social Media through Free App


Your Premier 4K UltraHD Head-Mounted Camera for Vlogging and Investigations.

This cutting-edge device offers unparalleled video quality, capturing your moments in stunning 4K clarity, both day and night.

With an optional 512GB card, the OPIX ensures you have ample storage for up to 40 hours of footage, eliminating concerns about running out of space.

Power through your recording sessions with the robust 2200mAh battery, offering up to 5 hours of continuous recording, or 3 hours with WiFi enabled.

Control is at your fingertips – start and stop recording effortlessly either directly on the OPIX or remotely via your smartphone using our complimentary app.

This app isn't just a remote control; it's a gateway to swift video downloads through high-speed WiFi and instant sharing on popular social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Experience the world through your eyes with the OPIX's head-mounted design, perfect for a variety of activities from hiking adventures to crafting tutorials, family interactions, educational content, and YouTube recordings.

It’s designed to let you immerse in your activities hands-free while capturing every moment.

The OPIX boasts advanced stabilization technology for impeccably steady footage. A digital anti-shake feature ensures every video is a seamless, ultra-clear visual experience.

Elevate your recording experience with the OPIX – where clarity, convenience, and innovation meet to capture your world in motion.

Main Features:

True 4K UltraHD Clarity:

Dive into a world of extraordinary detail with the OPIX's true 4K UltraHD sensor.

Capture every moment with unparalleled sharpness and clarity, bringing your footage to life.

Expansive Ultra Wide-Angle Lens:

Broaden your horizons with a 120-degree field of view.

The OPIX's lens surpasses the limits of peripheral vision, ensuring you miss nothing in your recordings.

Advanced Image Stabilization:

Enjoy crystal-clear, steady footage every time.

With a combination of mechanical and electronic stabilization, the OPIX guarantees smooth, shake-free videos, regardless of the action intensity.

High-Speed WIFI Connectivity:

Seamlessly connect with the complementary app via WIFI.

This feature empowers you to quickly download and share your footage instantly, keeping you connected and your content current.

Date & Time Stamp Feature:

Enhance your recordings with an optional date and timestamp overlay.

This feature, easily toggled on or off, adds a professional touch to your videos, essential for documentation and storytelling.

Extended Battery Life:

Keep recording longer with up to 5 hours of battery life (WIFI off).

The built-in Lithium-Ion battery ensures you stay powered through your most extended sessions.

Feather-Light Design:

Crafted from lightweight composite materials, the OPIX offers comfort and ease.

Wear it without feeling weighed down, perfect for extended use.

Ergonomic Head-Mounted Camera:

Experience the world from your perspective.

The head-wearable design of the OPIX allows for hand-free operation.
Suggested Use:

Adventure Vlogging:

Ideal for adventurers and travel vloggers, the OPIX can capture thrilling moments in extreme sports or hiking expeditions in stunning 4K, providing viewers with a first-person perspective of the action.

Investigative Journalism:

Journalists can use the OPIX for undercover reporting or investigative tasks, where discreet, hands-free recording is essential.

Law Enforcement and Security:

The head-mounted design is perfect for law enforcement officers or security personnel who need to record their interactions or surveil areas without hindrance.

Educational Content Creation:

Educators and online tutors can use the OPIX while teaching, conducting experiments, or giving demonstrations, offering students a first-person view of the educational content.


DIY enthusiasts and crafters can record detailed, step-by-step tutorials, providing a clear, first-person perspective of their processes.

Sports Coaching and Training:

Coaches and trainers can use the OPIX to record training sessions, providing athletes with a unique viewpoint to analyze techniques and improve their skills.

Live Event Broadcasting:

Event organizers or participants can live stream events, from concerts to sports games, directly to social media platforms, offering viewers an immersive experience.

Family Moments and Gatherings:

Capture family events, outings, or just everyday moments in a more engaging, first-person view, making memories more vivid and personal.

Workplace Training and Simulation:

Ideal for on-the-job training in industries like manufacturing, healthcare, or construction, where demonstrating procedures in a hands-on manner is crucial.