Hard Drive 1 to 1 Duplicator / Cloner

$299.95 $279.95

Introducing the most convenient SATA Hard Drive Duplicator in the market!

This is the most compact Single Target Hard Drive duplication systems  with duplication speeds up to 150MBps for SATA Hard Drives in a single touch of a button.

With easy to read LCD Display and user friendly unit that can fit in the palms of your hand!

This SATA Hard Drive Duplicator is not a docking station that requires PC to connect.

The true "standalone" Hard Drive Duplicator duplicates the entire hard drive bit by bit in a high speed of 150mb per second where traditional docking station can only transfer up to 28kb/per second.

Copying Hard Drives should be a breeze and not have you waiting for days!

Portable HDMini Hard Drive Duplicator features as a stand alone machine.

So you do not have to connect it with a computer.

You can just simply plug in the source drive and the target drive(s) into their respected slot and with a press of a button, your hard drive will be duplicated.

Best of all, the Portable HD Mini Hard Drive will arrive ready to use.

You don't even need to go through any hassle of initial setup.

Using this machine is just as easy as a press of the button.

And of course, the best benefit of being a portable gadget is that you can carry it any where you go.

It also feature a sturdy case that help to protect the unit from impact during travel.

The HDmini has 2 different copy modes (Quick & Whole Media) and 4 different erase modes (Quick, Full, & 2 types of DoD compliant erase) that enhances the work of hard drive duplication functions.

Takes on any capacity size hard drives/SSD and any popular files format (exFAT, NTFS, HFS, EXT4), HDmini is the duplication solution you need.

* The ultimate lightweight and slim design for mobile usage!

* Duplicates 2.5" or 3.5" HDD and SSD at speed up to 150 MB/S

* Supporting IDE, Multi-Format SSD Interfaces and CF & CFast Card (optional adapter)

* Intelligent copy mode to copy System and Files only, while the Whole Media mode to copy the whole HDD or SSD bit by bit and supports all kinds of file systems.
* Supports MBR and GPT partition format, unlimited capacity, and 4K advanced format hard disk drive

* Works like an eraser with 3-Pass and 7-Pass DoD Erase functions

* Equipped with LED lights, work status at a glance

* One year warranty on parts and labor

* Free lifetime technical support with toll-free phone number provided