Handcuffs- Zip Tie Handcuffs - Black (20 Pack)

$24.95 $19.95

Perfect for law enforcement, bounty hunters and security personnel, this 20-pack of tactical zip cuffs represents an extraordinary value on safe, humane, police-grade restraints.

The disposable, one-time-use cuffs are made of high strength nylon and each boasts an incredible tensile of more than 250 lbs. Self-locking, double-tooth locks eliminate slippage, maximizing safety for both the restrainer and the restrained party.

Versatile and convenient, these zip-tie flex cuffs can be used on both wrists and ankles - simultaneously or separately - , and one size fits most adults.

Keep some in your vehicle, bug-out bag and around the house for emergencies!

This surprisingly affordable 20-pack is the perfect way to stock up!

Caution: No quick release. Must cut to remove. Use care when cutting to avoid injury to yourself and/or the restrained party.

  • Convenient, effective alternative to traditional handcuffs
  • Law enforcement-grade construction, design
  • Use on wrists or ankles; one size fits most
  • No-slip, self-locking, double-tooth locks
  • More than 250-lb tensile strength
  • Made of high strength nylon
  • 27" long x 1/2" wide bands