Handcuffs- Smith & Wesson M&P Lever Lock Handcuffs

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Smith & Wesson Military & Police handcuffs have a revolutionary finger activated double locking mechanism.

There is no need to use a handcuff key to double lock the M&P lever lock handcuff.

Double locking handcuffs prevent them from being tightened or loosened without a key.

To double lock these handcuffs use your finger to pull up on the double lock lever until you feel a click.

Once you feel the click, these handcuffs cannot be tightened or loosened without deactivating the double lock with a handcuff key.

Smith & Wesson lever lock handcuffs are available in two finishes: Satin Nickel and Black Carbon Nitride (Melonite).

The Nickel finish handcuffs are silver in color and have a dulled or cloudy surface to ensure they are non-reflective.

Shiny handcuffs can cause blinding glare or give up your position in tactical situations where cover is required.

Nickel plating also acts as a protective layer against corrosion.

The black carbon nitride handcuffs are also non-reflective.

The black finish is deep into the metal, so they will not appear scratched and scuffed after heavy use.

Black M&P handcuffs are also extremely rust resistant.

Smith & Wesson Military & Police handcuffs are sold with 2 keys, a warranty card and instructions.

Smith & Wesson provides a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

We are proud to offer free handcuff engraving on Smith & Wesson handcuffs.

Engraving your name, ID, department or a combination of identifiers will undoubtedly ensure your handcuffs don’t get “lost” or stolen.

Handcuffs are known to walk off during prisoner transfers, booking and in multiple arrest scenarios.

We will engrave your handcuffs for free.