Handcuffs- Peerless Model 701C Black Handcuffs

$42.95 $39.95

The Model 701C (changed from 700P) black oxide finish handcuff now incorporates spun rivet construction for increased strength and durability.

Smooth single strand action allows for fast and efficient cuffing.
Peerless black handcuffs are ideal for street use, correctional environments & security.

The profiled edges of these cuffs minimize the risk of tissue and nerve injury.

Peerless Model 701C black handcuff has been approved by the National Institute of Justice.

Black handcuffs have a non reflective tactical appearance.

Peerless handcuffs come with a lifetime warranty for manufacture defects.

Two keys supplied.

-Weight: 10 oz.
-Material/Finish: Carbon Steel/Black Oxide
-Minimum opening: 51 mm/2 inches
-Minimum inside perimeter: 150 mm/5.9 inches
-Maximum inside perimeter: 211 mm/8.3 inches
-Maximum overall length: 236 mm/9.3 inches

Peerless Handcuff Company has been making handcuffs since the early 1900's.
They are the most experienced handcuff manufacturer in the world.
Peerless' handcuff factory is located in the US and they manufacturer all their products domestically.
Peerless handcuffs set the standard for metallic restraints.

Handcuff Personalization

We are proud to offer free handcuff engraving on Peerless handcuffs.
Engraving your name, ID, department or a combination of identifiers will undoubtedly ensure your handcuffs don’t get “lost” or stolen.

Handcuffs are known to walk off during prisoner transfers, booking and in multiple arrest scenarios.

We will engrave your handcuffs for free.

Never lose your cuffs again!

These black Peerless handcuffs engrave nicely with light letters against the black finish.