Handcuffs- Max-Cuff Disposable Double Restraints- Pack of 100 (Black or White)

$189.95 $179.95

The original double nylon restraint: Max-Cuff, formerly Tuff Cuff.

Tuff-Cuffs have several design improvements and are now called Max-Cuffs.

They can be kept in 3 different modes:

Elongated Mode:
Bulk packed for easy case storage

 Concealed Mode:
Can be easily carried in pocket, pouch, glove box, etc.

Ready Mode:
Pre-thread the double loops and be ready for action!

Available in white or UV protected black.

Double locking to prevent over tightening.
Double tooth lock for super strength.

Two ID tabs:
ID tab remains on subject when center bar is cut.

Patented safety tip allows for proper insertion only. Length 33 1/2".