Handcuffs- Clear Cuff

$27.95 $24.95

Chicago color coated cutaway training handcuff.

This single cutaway handcuff is constructed with a clear plexiglass cover allowing the user to see the internal lockworks in action.

This tool is helpful in recruit training so new police officers fully understand their equipment.

These are also used in military applications to train in the art of lock picking.

The color coded lockworks help both the instructor and trainee in identifying the proper parts.

This handcuff cutaway is superior to all the other cutaways on the market.

It opens with a standard handcuff key (our cutaway handcuffs are the only ones on the market that take a standard US handcuff key) and this is the only one with color coated lockworks.

Red - Rachet Bar/Pawl. The teeth on the pawl engage with the teeth on the swinging arm to lock handcuffs.

When double locked, the pawl is locked in place to avoid over tightening and prevent shimming.

Blue- Double lock bar. When engaged, the double lock bar prevents the handcuffs from ratcheting tighter.
Also, the handcuffs cannot be shimmed when double locked.

Yellow - Spring. The handcuff spring keeps the pawl engaged with the swinging arm. It also prevents the double lock from disengaging when pushed into the second dimple. When pushed into the first dimple the handcuffs can be tightened, but not loosened.