Handcuff Training Kit

$39.95 $29.95

The high-quality Handcuff Training Kit features a visible cutaway of the internal mechanism of most handcuffs.

Kit also includes a 4-pack of Micro Clip-On Handcuff Keys.

The see-through design of this special training handcuff allows you to view what is really happening when a handcuff is being locked, unlocked, double-locked, etc.

It is a fully functional handcuff that lets the student see and understand the inner mechanical workings of a handcuff. Both the strengths and weaknesses inherent in all handcuffs become apparent.

Also a useful tool for learning unconventional handcuff opening methods, such as the shim pick (see Handcuff Shim Pick on this website). Includes standard handcuff key.

The Micro Clip-On Handcuff Key features an integrated clip that allows it to securely affix to clothing.

Discreet placement options include belt loop, cuff of a long-sleeve shirt, waistband of pants or underwear, top of sock, etc.

Its minuscule size and low-profile design make detection extremely unlikely, yet it’s always accessible when required.

Size: 0.80” x 0.29” x 0.18”.

Color: matte black.

Weight: 0.01 oz.

Clip portion is designed to flex a maximum of 20 degrees.

Made in USA. Sold in pack of 4 keys.