Handcuffs- Handcuff Escape Key

$16.95 $12.95

This advanced key is the most versatile handcuff escape key available.

It’s effective on a wide array of both US and foreign handcuff brands.

Additionally, it’s engineered to defeat security features found on high-security models such as key blocking blades, enlarged keyway pins, deep set keyholes, etc.

It has a full-depth slit in the key’s flag to counter the security plates on ASP® Ultra Security Cuffs.

This key is also designed to interface with the GTFO Escape Bracelet.

It can instantly attach/detach from the bracelet when desired, yet remains securely stored.

 Just position the key’s channel over the bracelet’s cord and then stretch out that portion of the cord while inserting it into the key’s channel.

Then release the cord and the key is securely held in place.

To remove, just stretch the cord and then pull off the key.

Dimensions: 0.79” x 0.23″.

Weight: 0.026 oz.

Color: Black.

Made in Great Britain.