Grip Tip Survivalist Fishing Tool

$9.95 $7.95

Sometimes a spy must escape and survive in the wilderness while avoiding capture and he (or she) has got to live off the land.

The Grip Tip is an essential component in any survival kit. This handy device simply screws onto the end of your fishing pole when the original tip has broken off. No glue, no mess – just screw on the Grip Tip and you’re right back to fishing.

With this special survival version, you can also turn a branch or stick into an improvised fishing pole. Just trim down the tip of the stick with your knife and then screw on the Grip Tip and you’ve got a fishing pole!

Made from injection-molded polymer with a molded-in ceramic guide ring. This reusable device could save your fishing trip, or even save your life in a survival situation.

Comes in its own reusable protective case. Color: black. Length: 1.04″.

This special survival version of the Grip Tip is the same as the famous original model, except that it has a larger opening to accommodate sticks or larger diameter poles.

Made in USA.