GPS Logger (no monthly fees)

$119.95 $99.95

The GT-600 GPS Logger records the exact location, speed, date and time of any moving object.

 Simply place the GT-600 in, on or under a moving object - when it returns, plug it in to your Windows computer.

The device will show you everywhere it has been on a map, for about 30 days between charges.

Since the GT-600 doesn't transmit or receive analog or digital signals, it is completely undetectable by GPS and signal finders.

GT-600 GPS Logger Features:

GPS Tracker with no monthly fees
Undetectable by GPS and phone finders
Weather resistant design
30-day battery @ 1-hour driving per day
1-hour recharge using any USB port
View location history with Google Maps or Google Earth
Export location data
GT-600 GPS Logger Requirements
Windows PC with USB
GT-600 GPS Logger Specifications
Dimensions: 46 x 41.5 x 14 mm
Weight: 37g
SiRF StarIII 65nm GPS low power chipset
Built-in GPS patch antenna
64MB flash memory stores 262,000 way points
Built-in 230 mAh Lithium-ion battery
Includes USB cable for charging and PC connect

Purchase our optional Magnetic Case to attach directly to the underside of a vehicle