Glow Sticks- Large Multi-Color 48 Pack

$39.95 $29.95

Ultra Bright-

It has more luminous materials and brightness than a typical glow stick,
so people can see you from a mile away.

It's a bright 360-degree light source.

Suitable for marking in emergency situations

Long Lasting Light-

With strict quality control and precise raw material ratio, these large glow sticks can ensure more than 10 hours of glow.

Emergency Necessities-

Easy to store, long shelf life of three years, not easy to damage so no cracking or leaking.

The perfect choice for wilderness survival enthusiasts

Kid-safe, Non-toxic Glow Sticks-

Each glow stick is durable and tightly sealed.

OMNISAFE light sticks were lab tested to meet CPSC regulations and necessary safety standards.